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Welcome to the Official Website STRW-STPC 14th of January, 2006


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The Current politics of Somalia
As you aware of the current politics of Somalia is very bad and is entitled as clan formula basis known as 4.5. We are very sorry and we do not accept what is called .5 formula , which is regarded to the Somali minority clans but we do accept and appreciate 5 equal clan formula basis if we are true lovers of Somalia Republic.
Let us stop descrimination and be on the same boat to develiope our nation from zero ground to the top in this world

Previous Politics of Somalia (Presidents)
Somalia Republic had more 6 governments after independence in 1960s to 2004.
1. The First Somali Government led by H.E. president Adan Abdulle
2. The Second Somali Government led by H.E. president Abdirashid Ali Sharmake
3. The Third Somali Government led by H.E. president Mohamed Said Barre
4. The  Fourth Somali Government led by H.E. president Ali Mahdi Mahamed
5. The Fifth Somali Government led by H.E. president Abdikazim Salad Hassan
6. The Sixth Somali Government is led by H.E. Abdilahi Yusuf Ahmed

The Future Politics of Somalia
Nobody can tell but somehow we wish to anticipate prosperous Somalia and longlife existence in Africa and in the globe at large.
Somalia Republic need your constant assistance no matter where and when you would like to donate!