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Latest Press release


Date: 9/01/06

Dear Sir/Madam

Subject: Notice for the Classification of the Somali Tanade Darod Tribe

The Somali Tanade Rights Watch and The Somali Tanade Political Committee do hereby declare to you to the UNHCR that you have published falsified tribal information of the Somali Tanade Darod Tribe sub-clan Leelkase in your website.

Please If the UNHCR wants to know the classification of the tanade Darod genealogy then they must take this classification of the Tanade Darod classifications:

Tanade Darod was one of the sixth sons of the Darod genealogy, and the oldest son of Darod. Tanade Darod commonly known as Leelkase gace birth 6 sons, one of the sixth sons became the first Somali king and named his kingdom after his name Diiftire kingdom.

Tanade Darod Genealogical Sons:

1. Leelkase Tanade

2. Diiftire Tanade

3. Korshe Tanade

4. Suhurre Tanade

5. Juus Tanade

6. Wara Daqa


Tanade Darod has got five members of parliament and two ministers in the Current Somali Transitional Federal Government as well as another reegional minister and two members of parliament in the Puntland administrational state.

Please The UNHCR must not insult us because the name Her is not apart of our tribal genealogy therefore Leelkase is one of the sixth sons of the Tanade Darod Genealogy.

Tanade Darod (Leelkase resides in these regions: Barri, Garowe, Mudug, Banadir, Baidao, Jubbland, some parts of Ethiopia and thier own district Goldogob in Mudug region.

Please search the tribal history of the TanadeDarod genealogy carefully and delet your falsified information in your website otherwise we will sue you directly.

Kind Regards,

Amb, Abdikadir ISmael S. Warfa (Janno-gale)

The Chairman of the Somali Tanade Rights Watch & The Spokesman of the Somali Tanade Political Committee

Tel: 254-6761266

Mobile: 254-724467796/723937501

9th Street Section II

P. O. Box 68772 00100



Press Release/ War Saxaafadeedyo


War-murtiyeed ay Gaalkacyo ka soo saareen waxgaradka beesha Leelkase ee degmada Gaalkacyo

Waxaa warsaxaafadeed ay na soo gaarsiiyey waxgarad ka tirsan beesha Leelkase, kuna sugan magaalada Gaalkacyo, ayaa u qornaa sidatan:-

Kadib hadalkii la yaabka lahaa ee ka soo yeeray guddoomiyaha degmada Gaalkacyo waxay beesha Leelkase isugu timid kulan wada-tashi ah oo ay kaga arrinsanaysay waxey ka yeeli lahayd hadalkii riyo maalmeedka ahaa ee ka soo yeeray Xuseen Jaamac Yabaq, kuna saabsanaa qaybinta maamulka degmada Gaalkacyo.

Shirkaas oo la iskula soo qaaday arrimo badan oo quseeya guud ahaan gobolka Mudug gaar ahaan degmada Gaalkacyo iyo maamul u samaynteeda, ayaa la isku raacay qodobadda soo socda.

1) Beesha Leelkase waxey gebi ahaanba kala laabatay taageeradii ay u haysay maamulka degmada iyo guud ahaanba maamulka gobolka, waxeyna si toos ah u joojisay canshuurtii ay bixin jirtay beesha ee degmada Gaalkacyo.

2) Waxey beeshu qaadi doontaa tillaabo kasta oo beeshu xal u aragto kuna gaarayso hadafkeeda siyaasadeed ee mustaqbalka

3) Beeshu waxay shir deg deg ah ka yeelanaysaa guud ahaan siyaasada maamulka Puntland.

4) Beeshu waxey ugu baaqaysaa madaxweynaha MGP iyo baarlamaanka MGP in ay si deg deg ah u soo fara galiyaan qalalaasaha siyaasadeed iyo kan amni ee ka jira degmada Gaalkacyo.

5 ) Beeshu waxey soo dhaweynaysaa cidkasta iyo beelkasta oo doonaysa in xal la gaaro.

qodobadaan waxay dhaqan galayaan laga bilaabo maalinta go'aankaan la qaatay oo ah 30/12/05.

Nasrudiin Ceydiid Salaad (Diini)Dayniile,Muqdisho



Goldogob District

Galdogob is the second largest city in the Mudug region of Somalia. It lies close to the border with Ethiopia. Its population is 200,000, and consists largely of members of the Leelkase sub-clan of the Tanade-Darod. Galdogob is a very strategic city, as it is located on one of the oldest roads into Ethiopia's Somali-majority Ogaden district. It is a spot to rest for Somali travelers heading to and from Addis Ababa, Wardheer, Djibouti, Jijiga, Dire Dawa, and Geladi. Over 100 buses and heavy trucks pass through the city daily, thus generating income for the local merchants.

Galdogob is a rapidly growing city. It has the largest hospital in central Somalia. It has a very reliable electricity and telecommunications sector. The city's fresh water is provided by the Galdogob Water System (GWS), which was founded by a group of local businessmen. All this has helped Galdogob develop into a large metropolitan city. It was, and still is, one of the most peaceful districts of Somalia during and after the fifteen-year absence of a central Somali national government. Visitors to Galdogob will find high-speed internet cafés, hotels, taxis, and all kinds of personal care. Education plays a vital role in the lives of the people, and private schools teach computer skills, English, mathematics, science, and Islamic studies. Galdogob International Airport is undergoing the final stages of the AFIN project, and is expected to be finished in early 2008.

Galdogob also has a thriving livestock industry: hundreds of thousands of camels, sheep, goats and cattle are bought from Galdogob and shipped through the busy port of Bosaso every year. Livestock in Galdogob District is highest during the Islamic Pilgrimage, when over a hundred thousand heads of livestock are sold and shipped to Arab states through Bosaso. Galdogob city has recently seen the arrival of immigrants from southern Somalia seeking work and a safer place to live.

At this pace, Galdogob is projected to be a very prosperous region, and the population is estimated to be 450,000 within the next three to five years.

RE: 06/01/05 Date: 11/02/05

Subject: A Complaint against the UNO and the Other International NGOS
The Somali Tanade Rights Watch is hereby profoundly declaring to you that we are against the misbehave and the misuse of the UN operation and other international NGOS in Somalia which have been operating in Somalia since 1991 up to this present date on.

As Tanade Darod clan, we have been waiting to get humanitarian assistances from the UNO and other international NGOS since 1991-2005.

As you know, the UNO and other international NGOS have never been to Tanade Darod residential areas in Somalia since 1991-2005. Let us ask to the UNO and other international NGOS If it is a fair to work at some zones in Somalia while opposing to function one of Somalia’s secure and safest district- Goldogob and its locations in Somalia where Tanade Darod clan lives in.

We, as Tanade Darod clan have been patient with what and how the UNO and other international NGOs behaves when it comes to humanitarian assistances in Somalia. If the UUO and other international NGOS operates under the Puntland Administration, then we are directly and kindly applying to the UNO and other international community to intervene urgently before the Tanade Darod clan takes undiplomatic retaliatory actions against the UNO and other international NGOS which are currently functioning in Somalia. If the UNO and other international NGOS do not deploy their staff to work at the Tanade Darod residential zones in Somalia then we won’t accept and tolerate the UNO and other
international NGOS to function anywhere in Somalia. The Tanade Darod clan is one of the fifth son of Darod by genealogy, they are also classified as Darod’s Sunni religious leaders.

Tanade Darod clan resides in Iskushuban, Eyl, Bossaso, Garowe, Burtile, Galkayo and their own district Goldogob, they also live in Jubba Hoose region Kismanyo alongside the Somalia-Kenyan border. Tanade Darod clan is urging to the UNO and other international NGOS to provide urgent humanitarian assistance.

The Tanade Darod clan has built one of the biggest hospital in Somalia which has capacity of 300 in-patient beds, two surgical theatres and modern medical equipments but since it was established, the hospital is lack of professional doctor, nurses, sanitary workers and financial problems, the hospital is located one of Somalia’s secure and safest district Goldogob thereby the Tanade Darod is ready to handover
this hospital to any UNO or international NGOS to run this big hospital and help the sick people in Mudug region.

The Tanade Darod clan has not a primary and secondary schools where their children go to and study even basic education since in 1991-2005 but Islamic religious studies are commonly available at the and in the Tanade residential zones in Somalia republic.

If the UNO and other international NGOS which works in Somalia particularly in Puntland Administration eversince it was established by three united Darod tribal factions SNDU, USP and SSDF. Why the UNO and
the other international NGOS refused to work all the districts and locations under the Puntland Administrations equally? Was it the puntland
Administration which has been neglecting to the UNO and other international NGOS to work in the Tanade residential zones since 1998-2005?

Tanade Darod clan is also complaining without enough boreholes, reservoirs and clean drinking water. Tanade Darod are also pastoralist when their livestock get animal related diseases, they do not have NGOS to cure their livestock.

The Somali Tanade Rights Watch is kindly requesting to the UN Secretary-general Mr. Kofi Anan and other international concerned Bodies to send us a fact finding team who will evaluate and verify the misuse and misrepresentation of the UNO and Other international NGOS in Somalia.

Tanade Darod clan will sue against the UNO and the Other international NGOS operating in Somalia if they do not work loyally and equally in Somalia.

We are looking forward to hear from you soon.

Yours Faithfully
Mr. Abdulkadir Ismael S. Warfa (Janno-gale)
The chairman of the Somali Tanade Rights Watch <>

Tel: 254-723937501
Box 71575, Niarobi


KU: Maxadweynaha Ismaamul Gonbaleedka Puntland Mudane Cadde Muse

Ku: Wasiirada Ismaamul Gobaleedka Puntland

KU: Golaha Shacabka Ismaamul Gobaleedka Puntland

KU: Salaadiinta, Guurtida, Islaamadda, Garaadada iyo Dhaamaan Caaqiliinta Ismaamul Gobaleedka Puntland

KU: Ururada Bulshad Ee Ismaamul Gobaleedka Pumtland

KU: Hooyooyinka KU: Dhalinyarada Ismaamul Gobaleedka Puntland

KU: Haayadaha Caalamiga ah ee Ka hawlgala Ismaamul Gobaleedka Puntland

Tix: 14/ouixt5/05 Tariikh: 02/05/05

UJeeddo: Eedeyn Waxqabad La'aan oo Ku Socota Madaxweynaha Ismaamul Gobaleedka Puntland Iyo dhamaan Madaxda Ismaamul Gobaleedka Puntland Ururka Ilaalinta Xuquuqda Tanade waxuu eedeynayaa Ismaamul Gobaleedka Puntland kazoo ku guul-darreystay inuu wax ka qabto deegaanada Tanade Darood iyo deeganada deriska la ah!!!

Hadii halkan aan idiinku qeexno waxyaabaha uu fulin waayey maamul gobaleedka Puntland waxaa kamid ah qodobada soo socda:-

1. Waxbarasho la?aanta haysta jiilalka Soo horaya ee Tnade Darood

2. furid la?aanta xarumo caafimaad

3. Daryeel la?aanta haysta Aqoonta

4. Udiidida Haayadaha Caalamiga ah iney ka shaqeeyaan deeganada Tanade Darood

5. Maxay Wwasaarad walba uga furan la dahay xafiis matala goobaha ay degan yihiin Tanade Darood

6. Maxaa loo daaweyn la yahay xoolaha Tanade Darood

7. Maxuu ismaamul gobaleedka u girgelin la yahay inuu shaqeeyo Isbitaalka Degmadda Godogob?

8. Yaa loo dhiibaa miisaaniyadda ismaamul gobaleedka ugu tallogalo deeganada Tanade Darood?

9. Maxaa si cadaalad ah loogu qeybsan la yahay awood-qeybsiga ismaamul gobaleedka Puntaland?

10. Yaa shacabka Tanade Darood khiyaamaya? Maamulka mise Siyaasiyiintooda!!!

11. Waa maxay daryeel la?aanta nadaafadda

12. Waa maxay daryeel la?aanta haysata Curyaamiinta Tanade Darood?

13. Waa maxay daryeel la?aanta haysata indhoolayaasha Tanade Darood?

14. Maxaa loo daaweyn la yahay dadka waalan ee Tanade Darood?

15. Maxaa loo daaweyn la yahay dhirta?

16. Maxuu maamulka Puntland u hirgelin la yahay ka hortaga cudurada faafa IYO KUWA Kharta joogtada ah ku ah Bini Aadamka, Nadaafadda, Xoolaha iyo deegaanka?

Ururka Ilaalinta Xuquuqda Tanade waxuu digniin kulul usoo jeedinayaa madaxda maamul gobaleedka Puntlsmd kuwaasoo u maleynaya booqashada ay u soo direen wasiiro ka tirsan maamulka kuwan oo aan waxba ka qaban baahidiin ka jirtay deegaanada Tanade Darood !!! Booqasho wasiiro oo aan waxqabad laheyn weyn ka daaleen Ummadda Tanade Darood tan iyo injtii la aasaasay Ismaamul Gobaleedka Puntland marka waxaanu u baahnahay inuu maamulka gobaleedka Punltnad fulino qodobada aanu u soo qeexnay anagoo ka fiirsanay waxyaabaha ay rabaa ummadda Tanade ee ka tirsan maamulka khiyaanada iyo dabamaryada ku dhisan kasoo khiyaamo guracan ku haya hormarka iyo jirtaanka Ummadda Tanade Darood iyo kuwa deriska la ah ayagoo isticmaalaya ama ku dhuumanaya ehel baanu nahay marka aan cadoqga deegaankeedna iska wada difaacno!!!

Hadii uu maamul gobaleedka Punbtland hirgelin waayo iney Ummmadda Tnade Darood helaan xarumo caafimaad,waxbarsho, biyo nadiif ah,daryeelka aqoonta, goobaha nafaqeynta ilmaha , daryeelka indhoolayaasha, daryeelka curyaamiinta iyo ka furida xafiisyada wasaaradaha ismaamul gobaleedka Puntland deegaanada ay degan yihiin Tanade Darood!!!

Minuu maamul gobaleedka Puntland fulin waayo waxaanu u sheegeynaa ineynan shaqeyn doonin kuwa ku yaala Bosaaso, Garoowe iyo kalkacyo kuwassoo ay ka shaqeyaan dad aan waxbarasho u laheyn waxa ay qabanayaa!!!

Maxaad u maleyneysaan canaqabateynta Maamulka Gobaleedka Puntland uu saaray inuunan shaqeyn ama la furin Isbitaalka degmada Goldogob kasoo lagu dhisay qaaraanka ay iska soo uruuriyeen Jaaliyadaha Ummadda Tanade Darood mise waxuu maamul gobaleedka Puntland ka baqay haddii Isbitaalka degmadda Goldogob la furo ineynan dadka aan aqoonta u laheyn caafimaadka ee been beenta ku shaqeysta iney waayaan shaqadooda xirfad la?aanta ay ku wadaan ayagoo dilay, dhaawacna ugu geysanaya ummadda fara badan oo u mooda iney wataan shahaadooyinka lagu qaban karo hawlaha caafimaadka ee ay fulinayaan had iyo jeer!!!

Ma waxuu maamul gobaleedka Puntland leeyahay inuunan dhisi Karin jidka isku xira degmada Goldogob kasoo ah dharar 70 kilometers? Waagii la dhisay jidka isku xira Galkacyo ilaa iyo Boosaaso, maxaa loo dhisi waayey? Maxuu maamul gobaleedka Puntland ugu dari la yahay jidadka uu ka dhiso deegaanada ka tirsan Ismaamul gobaleedka Puntland?

Hadii uunan maamulka Puntland dhisin jidka u dhexeeya degmada Goldogob iyo Gaalkacyo waxaan dhisaan doonin jidka dheer ee u dhexeeya Gaalkacyo iyo Boosaaso weyna fududahay in la burburiyo waayo hadii baabuurtaada laami haysto , annaga baabuurteena waxaa duleysatay waddo raf ah taasoo matoorada,shidaalka iyo shaagaga si deg deg ah ku dhammeyneysa !!!

Waxaan aad uga xumahay inuu Ismaamul Gobaleedka Puntland ii soo diraan laaluush dhan $ 15000 balse waxaan u sheegayaa inaanan qaadan laaluushka, Ummadda Tanade Daroodna aynan aheyn dad lagu laaluusho qarinta arrimaha hormarkooda deegaanka, caafimaadka iyo jiritaankoodaba!!! Marka waxaanu kula tallinaya wasiirada maamul gobaleedka Puntland ka tirsan ee iisoo dhigay ama iigu noo diray lacagtan $ 15000 xawaalada iney dib ula noqdaan laaluushkooda isla-markaasna isku dayaan in wax loogu qabto ummadda magacooda lagu qaraabanayo kuwasoo maamul gobaleedka Puntland ka sugayey inuu waxqabad la yimaado tan iyo intii la aasaasay Ismaamulka!!!

Laaluushka waa ka xaaraan Ururkan waayo Dastuurka Ururka waa Kitaabka Bareysan iyo Shareecada Islaamka sidaa awgeed u ogaada!!!

Sideedba Soomaalidu waxay ku maahmaahdaa ?waajibka aad guday, waa qaan kaa hadhay!? Balse waxaanu ugu maahmaaheynaa madaxda maamul gobaleedka Puntland ?Warankii kugu soo noqon doona lama rido? Ceebtiina ha nugula galgalanina ee waad ceebeysan yihiina sida isku dhaama!!!

Ururka Ilaalinta Xuquuqda Tanade waxuu maamul gobaleedka Puntland ka sugayaa waxqabad deg deg ah inta uunan sameyn ururkan wax uu maamulka waxba ka qaban Karin!!!

Allaa Weyn oo Kali Ah!!! Asagaanan Ka sugeynaa inuu idinka keeno waxqabad deg deg ah! Insha Allah!!!

Mahadsanidiin Dhammaantiin, Ururka Ilaallinta Xuquuqda Tanade (UIXT)

Guddoomiyaha Ururka Ilaalinta Xuquuqda Tanade (UIXT) Mudane Cabdiqaadir Ismaaciil S.Warfaa (Janno-gale)

Tel: 254-6761266

Mobile: 254-723937501

8th Street Section II

Box 68772, Nairobi

Email: Somaliauthor@hotmail.Com


Press Release/ War Saxaafadeed

KU: Madaxweynaha Dowlada Isu-tagga Ku-Meel-Gaarka Ee Soomaaliyeed

Sareyntiisa Cabdilaahi Yuusuf AxmedTix: 24/uixt/08tdt/05 Taariikh: 9/08/0 | Faafin: 12/08/05

Ujedddo: Codsi Qabiileed Ku Saabsan Jaggadda Danjirnimo ee Dalka Kenya

Waxaan si sharaf iyo naxariis leh shaaca kaaga qaadeynaa inuu Mudane Cabdiqaadir Ismaaciil S. Warfaa yahay qofka u sharaxan danjirenimo kaasoo buuxinaya jaggadda danjirnimo ee Safaarada Soomaaliya u qaabilsan dalka Kenya markastoo aad uyeeshid , una xilsaarto hawlshan gaar ah ee dibolomaasinimo.

Sareyntaada, waxaan aad u hubnaa inuu Mudane Cabdiqaadir Ismael S. Warfa kaasoo annagu aan kuu soo bandhignay inuu yahay nin ka kamid noq raba dibolomaasiyiinta dowladaada.

Mudane Cabdiqaadir Ismaaaciil S. Warfa waa nin caan ah , la isku haleyn karro, aadna u edeb badan isla-markaasna siyaasi da' yar ah kaasoo ka soo dhex shaqeeyey shirkii dib-uheshiisiinta ee Soomaaliyeed ilaa iyo 15kii bishii Tobbanaad 2002 ilaa iyo gabagabadii.

Mudane Cabdiqaadir Ismaaciil S. Warfa waxuu ahaa khabiirkii Soomaaliyeed ee guddiiggii Dhilka iyo Xuquuqda Hantida asagoo lashaqeynayey Prof. Gunther Schlee.

Annaga, Siyaasiyiinta, Ganacsatada, Culimaa'udiinka, Aqoonyahanka iyo odayaasha qabaa'ilka Tanade Darood (Leelkase) waxaannu ku ogeysiineynaa inuu Mudane Cabdiqaadir Ismaaciil S. Warfaa yahay dibolomaasiga qabaa'ilkeena soo sharaxeen dowladaada sharafta leh fad ma ha fadin!!!

Mudane Abdiqaadir Ismaaciil S. Warfaa waxuu mar hore ka codsaday bulshada caalamka inuu ka helo la talintooda dibolomaasiyadeed iyo wadashaqeyn fara badan.

Guddigga Siyaasadda Qabaa'ilka Tanade Darood (Leelkase) ayaa kuu soo caddeeyey inuu Mudane Cabdiqaadir Ismaaciil S. Warfa yahay ninka ka u qabma danjiraha Soomaaliya u fadhin doona dalka Kenya.

1. Garaad Maxamud Yuusuf Xassan ( Afar Indhoot)

2. Mudane MaHamed MaXamud

3. Prof. Cali Jaamac ( Cali Gabay)

4. Guddoomiye Cabdikadir Ismael S. Warfa (Janno-gale)

5. Marwo Xawo M. A.

6. Clo. Mahamed Farax Cali (Col. Gurey)

7. Sultan Yuusuf Xaji Mahamud

Ugaaska Qabaa'ilka Tanade Darood Sareyntiisa Ugaas Axmed Ugaas Maxamed

Ilaahay Ha Barakeeyo Asaga!

Mahadsan Tihiin,

Eng. Yuusuf Axmed Ciise (Quule)

Guddoomiye-ku-Xigeynka Ururka Ilaalinta Xuquuqda Tanade Ahna Guddoomiyaha Guddigga Siyaasadda Qabaa'ilka Tanade Darood

Tel: 254-6761266
Mobile: 254-723937501 (For Interviews & Comments)
Mobile: 254-724467796
Section II 9th Street P. O. Box 68772, Nairobi-Kenya
Email: < kusoo baxay SomaliTalk>


In English

TO: The President of the Transtional Federal Government of SomaliaHis Excellency Abdilahi Yusuf Ahmed

Re: 24/uixt/08tdt/05 Date: 9/08/05

Your Excellency,

Subject: A Tribal Application For the Somali Ambassadorial Post to the Republic of KenyaWe, hereby honourbaly and kindly declare to you that Mr. Abdikadir Ismael S. Warfa is our tribal preferred diplomatic candidate who has qualified to take up the Somali diplomatic vacant post to the republic of Kenya whever you approve and assign him as the Somali ambassador to the republic of Kenya.

Your Excellency, we are very sure that you know |Mr. Abdikadir Ismael S. Warfa whom the Tnade Darod clan (Leelkase) proposed him in one of your government's diplomatic vacant posts.

Mr. Abdikadir Ismael S. Warfa is well-known, selfrelaible and well displined young politician who has been working in the Somali peace and reconciliation process as internal spy sice on 15th of October 2002 up to the conclusion.

Mr. Abdikadirn Ismael S. Warfa was also the co-expert of the land and properity rights commission in the Somali peace and reconciliation summit.

We, the politician, the bussiness poeple, Islamic religious scholars, elite educators and the traditional tribal elders of the Tanade Darod tribe (Leelkase) notify you that Mr. Abdikadir Ismael S. Warfa is our tribal preffered diplomat in your esteemed government willy-nilly, and he is totally bieng approved and proposed by the Tanade political Committee to you, your excellency.

Mr. Abdikadir Ismael S. Warfa has already applied to the international communities to recieve thier diplomatic recommendation as well as multi-literal co-operations.

The Tanade Darod Political Committee are as the following:

1. Garaad Mahamud Yusuf Hassan ( Afar Indhoot)

2. Mudane Mahamed Mahamud

3. Prof. Ali Jama ( Ali Gabay)

4. Guddoomiye Abdikadir Ismael S. Warfa (Janno-gale)

5. Marwo Hawo M. A.

6. Clo. Mahamed Farah Ali (Col. Gurey)

7. Sultan Yusuf Haji Mahamud

The Tribal Chieftain of the Tanade Darod has also fully approved Mr. Abdikadir Ismael S. Warfa as the ambasaadorial candidte of this tribe.

His Highness Ugas Ahmed Ugas Mahamed

God bless him!

Yours Faithfully,

Eng. Yusuf Ahmed Isse (Kule)

The Vice-Chairman of the Somali Tanade Rights Watch and The Chairman of the Somali Tanade Darod Political CommitteeMudane Cabdiqaadir Ismaaciil S. Warfa (Janno-gale)
Tel: 254-6761266
Mobile: 254-723937501 (For Interviews & Comments)
Mobile: 254-724467796
Section II 9th Street
P. O. Box 68772, Nairobi-Kenya



Press Release/ War Saxaafadeed

TO: Uganda and Sudan

CC: UN Security Council

CC: Africa Union

CC: Arab League

CC: European Union

CC: IGAD States

CC: The president of the Somali Transitional Federal Government

CC: The Prime Minister of the Somali Transitional Federal Government

CC: The Speaker of the Somali Transitional Federal Government

CC: The Parliament of the Somali Transitional Federal Government

CC: All Somalis

Re: 13/0uoxt/04/05 Date:

Subject: A Definite Caution to the Deployment of the Forthcoming ...............Peacekeeping Troops into Somalia.

The Somali Tanade rights Watch is hereby diplomatically warning to those countries, which have already offered the deployment of the army forces into Somalia for peace mission in order to restore law and order.

Somalia is not what you think, but if you tantalize it wrongly then it is up to you whatever you will meet on the ground.

Somalis and Somalia will not be liable to any casualties or human life compensation by any means.

Any country that offers their peacekeeping troops into Somalia will always be liable to the damages caused by them.

No country can bring peacekeeping troops into Somalia without the approval of the UN Security Council as well as the desire of all Somalis.

Somalia has got transitional federal charter, which is the current draft to rule Somalia but if some Somali prominent political leaders broke what they have abducted from Somalis then they must settle their differences at once in order to get final solution of 14 years catastrophic anarchy!

We rather suggest to all Somalis to the constitution of Allah, which is the Holy Quran instead of taking or considering man-made constitution that is against your Islamic monotheism.

Somalia is part of the united States OF America whether you like or not thereby if you want to invade Somalia without the knowledge of the U.S government then you are definitely wrong, you will be executed directly and publicly, and it is all up to you.

Let us beg and repent to Allah for forgiveness and lasting development!

Please look before you leap!

Thanks You very Much

Yours Faithfully,

Mr. Abdulkadir Ismael S. Warfa (Janno-gale)
The Chairman of the Somali Tanade Rights Watch

Tel: 254-6761266
Mobile: 254-723937501
8th Street Section II
Box 68772, Nairobi

KU: Ugaandha and Suudaan

KU: Golaha Amniga Ee Qaramada Midooway

KU: Ururka Afrika

KU: Jaamacatul Carab

KU: Ururka Urub

KU: Dalalka IGAD

KU: Madaxweynaha Dowlada Isu-tagga Ee Soomaaliyeed

KU: Wasiirka Koowaas Ee Dowlad Isu-tagga Soomaalieed

KU: Golaha Shacabka Dowlada Isu-tagga Ee Soomaaliyeed

KU: Dhammaan Ummadda Soomaaliyeed

Re: 13/0uoxt/04/05 Date:

Ujeeddo: Digniin Qeexan Taasoo Ku Socota Ciidamada Nabad .................Ilaalinta ee Lagu Soo Daadin Doono Dalka Soomalia

Ururka Ilaalinta Xuquuqda Tanade waxuu si dibolomaasinimo u waaninayaa dalalka ku deeqay iney keenaan ciidamadooda dalka Soomaliya kuwaasoo u socda ergeyn nabadeyn si ay u soo celiyaan shargiga iyo kala dambeynta.

Soomaaliya ma ahan sida aad u maleyneysaan laankiinse haddii aad si khaldan u haweysataan, adinkey idin qusaysaa wax walba oo aad kala kulmi doontaa dalka!

Soomaalida iyo Soomaaliya ma noqon doonto kuwa loo qabsan doono khasaaraha ama mag macno kasta hayeelatee!

Waddan kasta oo ku deeqa inuu Soomaaliya u soo diro ciidamo nabad ilaalin ayaa mar walba loo qabsan doonoo wixii khasaaro ah taasoo ay geystaan!!!

Waddana ciidan ma keeni karo ilaa Qaramada Midooway Golaheeda Amniga ansixiyaan iyo sidoo kale ansixinta hamiga Soomaalida oo wada-jir ah!!!

Soomaalya waxay leedahay axdi Isu-tagga ku-meel-gaar kasoo ah kii lagu xukumi lahaa Soomaaliyalaakiinse haddii ay qaar kamid ah hoggaamiyaasha siyaasadda ee sharfan jabiyaan qodobo kamid ah axdi ay ummadda Soomaaliyeed ka afduubteen, waxaa waajib ku ahiney xalliyaan khilaafaadkood mar qur ah si loo helo xal kama dambeys ah!!!

Waxaanu u soo jeedineynaan ummadda Soomaaliyeed iney qaataan dastuurka Ilaahay kasoo ah Quraanka Barakeysan intii ay qaadan ama tixgelin lahaayeen dastuur uu sameyey Bini Aadam kasoo ka soo horjeeda xaq Islaanimadaada!!! Soomaalia waa qeyb ka mid ah gobalada dalka Ameerika haddi aad jeceshahay iyo haddii kaleba sidaa awgeed haddii aad xoog ku weerarto Ameerika oo aan ogeyn waxaad tahay qof sid cad u qaladan, waxaanad noqon doontaa qof loo dili doono si toos ah iyo si waadax ah oo ay dadka oo dhan fiirsan doonaan!!!!

Aanu barino, una toobad keeno Allaah si aan dabi-dhaaf iyo horumar waara u helno

Intaadan Falin ka Fiirso!

Aad Baad U Mahadsan Tihiin Dhammantiin

Guuddoomiyaha Ururka Ilaalinta Xuquuqda Tanade

Mr. Cabdulkadir Ismaaciil S. Warfaa (Janno-gale)

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Press Release/ War Saxaafadeed

KU: Sareyntiisa Madaxweynaha Dowlada Isu-tagga Ku-Meel-Gaarka Ee Soomaaliyeed Mudane Cabdilaahi Yuusuf Axmed
KU: Wasiirka Koowaad Ee Dowlada Isu-tagga Ku-Meel-Gaarka Ee Soomaaliyeed Mudane Cali Maxamed Geedi
KU: Wasiirka Arrimaha Dibadda Ee Dowlada Isu-tagga Ku-Meel-Gaarka Ee Soomaaliyeed
Mudane Cabdilaahi Shiikh Ismaaciil
Tix: 23/uixt/ug/07/05 Tariikh: 29/07/05 Saacada: 4:00 Eatern Africa Time
War Saxaafadeed
Ujeeddo: Dakareeto Codsiyeed Oo Ku Saaban Danjire Ama Safiir Waddan Kale U Beddelid Anigoo ah Mudane Cabdiqaadir Ismaaciil S. Warfaa (Janno-gale) isla-markaasna aad u magacaawdeen danjire ama safiirka dowlada ku=meel-gaarka ee Soomaaliyeed u qaabilsan dalka Uganda. Waxaaan si waafaqsan hanaanka dibolomaasinimada kaa codsanayaa mudane madaxweyne Cabdilaahi Yuusuf Axmed inaad iga soo beddesho dalka Unganda ee ay horey ii ugu magacaawaday xukuumadaaada, mudane madaxweyne waxaan kaa raabaa inaad ii tixgeliso soo beddelid deg deg ah oo adigoo iisoo beddelaya dalka Kenya meeshaasoo aan u leeyahay khibrad baaxadweyne muddaddii uu billaawdau dagaalkii sokeeye ee Soomaaliya ilaa iyo maanta. Waa Eebe Mahadiis inaan goob joog ka ahaa shirkii dib-uheshiisiinta Soomaaliya tan iyo maalintii uu billaawday ilaa iyo goortii ummadda Soomaaliyeed ay kuu dooratay Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda Soomaaliya.

Mudane madaxweyne waxaan ummadda Sooomaaliyeed ugu bishaareynayaa inaan diyaar u ahay inaan ugu shaqeeyo mushahar la'aan tan iyo intii ay dowladoodan soo celineyso sharcigii iyo kala dambeyntiii dhumay Insha Allaah!!! Waxaan dhammaan madaxda dowlada Isu-tagga Ku-Meel-Gaarka ee Soomaaliya ka codsanayaa iney si cadaalad ah ku xalliyaan khilaafaadkooda siyaasadeedee rajo-xumada ku abuuraya shacabka Soomaaliyeed meel walba oo ay ku noolyihiin.

Ummaddeey maanta Soomaaliya dowlad ayaa looga baahan yahay ciddii aad hogggaanka u doorateen waa in la taageero si loo badbaadsho aayatiinkeena!

Sideedaba qof dowlad jaggo u ka haya mucaarad kuma noqon karro sida ya qabaan shariciyada dastuuriga ee dowladnimo marka dadka labo-labeynaya waxaa u wanaagsan iney dhinac iskugu beyraan ayagoo raali ah si dowladu u magacaawdo dadkii beddeli lahaa mucaaradkeeda!!! Dunidda ma jirto dowlad aan mucaarad laheyn balse siyaasiyiinta mucaaradka ku ah dowlada haatan ka jirta dalka Soomaaliya ee uu madaxweyne Cabdilaahi Yuusuf Axmed hoggaaminayo waa iney furtaan xisbiyo mucaarad ah si ay ula tartamaan dowlada marka ay ka dhamaato wakhtigeeda shanta sanno ah. Siyaasiyiinta mucaaradka ee ka tirsan dowlada isu-tagga ku-meel-gaarka ee Soomaaliya waa kuwo eeganaya dano shaqsiyadeed sidaas awgeed waxaa ummadda Soomaaliyeed ku waajib noqotay iney ka taqalusaan siyaasigii ka soo horjeedsada danahooda guud gaar ahaan soo celinta sharciga iyo kala dambeynta!!! Waa Mahadsan Tihiin Dhaamaantii,

Amb. Cabdiqaadir Ismaaciil S. Warfaa (Janno-gale)
Guddoomiyaha Ururka Ilaalinta Xuquuqda Tanade (UIXT)
Tel: 254-6761266
Mobile: 254-723937501
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Press Release/ War Saxaafadeed

Nairobi. Mar 10 News (ASO) -

Waxaa noo suuragashay inaan warreysi la yeelano Guddoomiyaha Urruka Ilaalinta Xuquuqda Tanade Mudane. Cabdiqaadir Ismaaciil S. Warfaa (Janno-gale) oo jooga Magaalada Nayroobi Kenya. Waxaa wareysigan xafiiskiisa kula yeeshay Wariye maxamed cabdi maxmaed Botaan oo nooga soo warama Nayroobi
c/daadir ismaacil warfaa

AllSomali: Muxuu yahay  Urrurkan?
c/qaadir: Urrukan waa urrur u dooda xuquuqda beesha Tanade Darood asagoo raacaya hanaanka sharciyada Islaamka iyo xeerarka caalamiga ah.
AllSomali: Urruka Ilaalinta Xuquuqda Tanade goorma ayaa la aasasay?
c/qaadir: Urrurkan waxaa la aasasay 1dii bisha koowaad ee 2005?
Allsomali: Xuquuq miyaa ka maqan beesha Tanade Darood?
c/qaadir: Haa, waxaan u doodnaa wixii aanu u fahano iney ka maqan  yihiin beesha Tanade Darood
AllSomali: waa sidee aragtidaada in ciidamo la keeno soomaaliya?
c/qaadir: Haa, ciidamo shisheeye ah waa la keeni karaa balse waxaan ummadda Soomaaliyeed iyo Golaha Shacabka Isu-tagga uga digeynaa in la keeno ciidamo ka socda waddamada safka hore
AllSomali: Caasimada haddii si meel gaar ah looga dhigo meel kale sideed u aragtaa?
c/qadir: Caasimad waxaa laga dhigi karaa meeshii ay ku afgartaan xildhibanada matalaya beelaha Soomaaliyeed? 

AllSomali Maxaad ka dhihi kartaa dhulka ay isku haystaan labada maamul ee kala ah Somaliland iyo Puntland?
c/qaadir Waxaan shacabka deegaankaas degan ku talinayaa iney xaliyaan khilaafaadka u dhexeeya ismaamulada isku haysta aagaas ayagoo ka baaraandegaya ayatiinka dadkooda iyo deegaankoodba

AllSomali: Maxay kula tahay halganka  Soomaliland ee ay ku raadinayso qaranimo?
c/qadir: Waxay ila tahay iney Somaliland raadsato qaranimadeedii ay sida bilaa sharuud ah ugu soo darsatay Soomaalida koonfureed ee walaalahood ayagoo dalbay iney kalsooni ka helaan dadka sida fiican had iyo jeer uga fakara arrimaha siyaasadda guud iyo jiritaanka labo qaran oo walaalo ah

AllSoamali: Ma jeceshahay in la raadiyo shanta Soomaaliyeed? 
c/qaadir Haa, balse waxaan ku sheegayaa in hadda iyo wixii ka dambeeya ay aad iyo aad u adeg tahay in la isku keeno shan soomaaliyeed waayo 14 sanno ayaa lla xilan waayo qabiilo Soomaaliyeed waxa ay dalka ka dhex sameynayeen

AllSomali: Sideed u maleyneysaa in lagu xalin karo dagaalka sokeeye ee ka jira soomaaliya?
c/qaadir: Waxaan u maleynayaa inuu qof kasta oo Islaam ah yaqaano wixii wax lagu xalin karo taasina waa in qof walba uu qaataa Sunnaha nebiga iyo Kitaabka Barakeysan ee Quraanka ah

AllSomali: Ma u maleyneysaa inuu madaxweyne C/laahi Yuusuf wax ka xalin karo arrimaha dagaalka sokeeye?
c/qaadir: Ilaahay baa iga yaqaana balse waa ninkii billaaway aafada Soomaali haysata maanta marka haddii ilaahay noogu soo dhiibo inuu xaliyo wixii dhibaato ah, ma diideyno waana la shaqeyneynaa.

AllSomali: Goorma ayaad ka soo qeyb gashay shirka dib-uheshiisiinta Soomaaliyeed?
c/qaadir:Waxaan shirka dib-uheshiisiinta Soomaaliyeed ka soo qeyb galay maalintii u furmay 15kii Bishii Tobbanaad ee 2002 anigoo ka mid ahaa 10 xubnood oo ay ergo ahaan u soo dirsadeen beesha Tanade Darood kuwaasoo loogu talagalay iney la xisaabtamaan C/laahi Yuusuf  oo si ula kac ah uga  soo tagay beesha Tanade Darood asagoo ahaa madaxweynihii ismaamul gobaleedka Puntland wakhtigaas

uga dambeyntii maxaad kula talin laheyd xukuumada uu hogaaminayo mudane C/laahi Yuusuf Ahmed?
c/qaadir: Waxaan kula talinayaa inuu u shaqeeyo sidii madaxweyne u dhexeeya ummadda Soomaaliyeed. 
by maxmed cabdi maxamed bootaan Xafiiska warqabada allsomali News Nairobi kenya


By: Maxamed cabdi maxamed bootaan

Press Release/ War Saxaafadeed







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